Enterprise Mobility+ Security

Enterprise Mobility+ Security

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Annual commitment
Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 - Monthly subscription (1 Month)
211.635 ₫
Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 - Annual subscription (1 Year)
2.424.174 ₫
Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 - Monthly subscription (1 Month)
328.656 ₫
Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 - Annual subscription (1 Year)
3.764.600 ₫

A new way to work remotely. Convenient management, with full security.

Managing your company's data security has never been this simple!

66% of employees use their private devices for company purposes. Don't limit them, because a lack of appropriate IT solutions is holding your company back. Enterprise Mobility + Security solves this problem by enabling secure access to company data from laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

66% of employees use their private devices for professional purposes. *

Enterprise Mobility + Security

70% of employees
are dissatisfied with the functional limitations and efficiency of mobile devices*(lack of appropriate IT tools)

Enterprise Mobility + Security

33% of desk-based employees work remotely as well.**

Enterprise Mobility + Security gives employees access to company resources from anywhere and any device, while the IT department gains the ability to manage the accounts, applications and devices based on the same login and password.

Enterprise Mobility + Security means easy management of

  • User identity
  • Devices
  • Applications
  • Data

This means more benefits for the company. By giving employees the freedom to choose the device and place of work you enhance their mobility and productivity as well as adapting to the Bring Your Own Device work model, which is becoming increasingly popular.

A solution that enhances user work productivity
Devices Enterprise Mobility + Security
Applications Enterprise Mobility + Security
Data Enterprise Mobility + Security
Work tool simplification and user data security

Enterprise Mobility + Security includes

Azure Active Directory in the Premium version, which enables easy user account creation and management.

Microsoft Intune, which givers administrators the ability to manage user devices and the applications that can be launched on those devices.

Cloud App Security, which monitors cloud applications (e.g. Box) and can be used to block the ability to transfer data to those application, for example.

Azure Information Protection, which protects your company's data. The service enables the administrator to, for example, block people from outside of the company from opening attachments. This is an efficient method of protecting your company from sending sensitive information.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, which analyses the security of the system and informs you about suspect IT administrator activities.

Microsoft Identity Manager, which enables user identity and local access management. This solution allows data synchronisation between folders, databases and applications that enable cloud work.